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Coastal Family Goodbye Plan


Coastal Family Goodbye Plan

$3,555.00 $1,970.00

Basic services of funeral director and staff
Sanitary Care
Transfer of deceased to the funeral home
Other automotive equipment
Private family viewing (up to 10 people for 30 minutes)
Basic cremation container
Expedited Cremation
Process the death certificate and cremation permit as quickly as possible (Includes hand delivery when possible)
Once the death certificate and permit are completed and signed, the cremation will as soon as possible (usually within 48 hours)
Facilitate the completion of the death certificate, cremation permit and for the local delivery of the cremains to the family
Secure certified copies of the death certificate
Process other paper work ie: Veterans benefits etc.
Obituary placed on our website

Select a cremation container *

Required for Cremation 1

Select an urn *

Required 2

Select an urn vault *

Select for burial of urn

Select number of certified copies of the death certificate *

Death Certificates are issued in the County where the death occurred.
$10.00 per copy

Additional Services

Medical Examiner’s Cremation Certificate *

Required for Cremation 3

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  1. Cremation requires placement of the body in a vessel that is inflexible and completely flammable.
  2. Cremation requires a final vessel for the remains.
  3. The state of Florida requires a Medical Examiner’s certificate before a cremation can be performed.